The Scariest Part

I think the scariest part
Is not the feeling of loneliness
Or the darkness that fills you
Despite the looming pain
Of emptiness.

The scariest part is the realization
That you have lost yourself completely
Sinking in as you lay awake at 2am
Because you have lost the ability to sleep
And you can’t even cry
Because you don’t even care.

Serendipity: 1

       You know how in movies the girl gets the guy she wants? “Ugh! Totally bogus” I sighed as I got out of my mom’s car for yet another gut wrenching school day. Lately my mind’s been so vague, maybe it’s all theses hormones (damn you puberity!) “Toke!” I heard my friends call out my name snaping my right out of lala land “Hurry up naww” “Chill na I’m coming” I said as I raced slightly towards them. As they started to chatter away, I was lost staring at Deji then I felt a tap and the chuckles began “Tokeee we’ve caught you again ooo” we all burst into laughter and because of my light skinned body one could clearly see how red my face now was. “Shebi he’s your friend,  tell him how you feel jhor! I’m sure he likes you too sef” My head popped open, that was easy for Sharon to say since she’s the “dare devil” of us all. “I’ll try” I eventually managed to say before the bell rang “Anyway better let’s go to class”
         After such a long day at school I was finally back home, many more days passed and it was like Sharon’s words kept hunting me but now I was ready to tell him (and this time I won’t wuss out at the last minute *hopefully*) I’ve been thinking about it (and him) so much it just had to be done all this distress is too much… Now it was another normal school day except I made actual effort to look good (okay maybe it’s not so normal) luckily for me today is generally for everyone, I met up with my friends had the usual discussions and giggles and then left for class. After two long (yet not so boring) periods of geography class, Deji and I were now at our usual hang out spot gisting and laughing away and then I got some guts “Ummm… Deji.. I.. I kinda wanna get something off my chest” trying to lessen the shakiness of my voice “Oh sure what is it?” in his deep sensual vouce, trying not to look into his deep brown eyes I just blurted it out “I like you” then there was this very awkward silence and I could barely tell if the look on his face was from shock or disgust (well maybe both) “Oh wow!” my heart dropped at those words “Toke you’re awesome and all but I have a girlfriend we just decided to be low key” tears were already welding up in my eyes, “Wow that’s… Um awesome” “Are you okay?” “Of course… Yeah sorry I’ve got to go.” I was so relieved it was closing time, I started to walk very fast to the exit with my head down trying so hard not to cry and then *BOOM!* I hit someone “I’m so sorry” I said repeatedly then looked up briefly enough to get a glimpse of his face…… TO BE CONTINUED.


My face was blank… I just sat at the tv looking at it but in no way watching it. It all felt like a dream as i slowly tried to process it in my mind, using the little voice in my head. “It’s not possible” “she.. She can’t be gone..” tears started to welled up in my eyes, this surprisingly was the first time since I heard about Adedola’s disappearance. Dols (like I called her) and I were bestfriends since our parents moved to Usa when we were very little, in fact we were sisters, we did everything together. About two weeks ago some tension started to build between us all because of a guy we both liked, Tyron a guy that doesnt even matter now. Dols was always the prettier one, the more sociable one as we got older and now at 17 it started to piss me off. She always got the better guys, while I got the hand me down ones the ones she wasnt into. But this time I got Tyron and it seemed to make her so mad, she started causing a lot of arguments that were based on how much “bff” time i was spending with him. That weekend her family went for a vaca at their house near the beach and that was how it all blew up, the biggest argument we’ve ever had……. TO BE CONTINUED. THANKS FOR READING HOPE YOU LIKED IT 🙂


What offence have those innocent girls committed
to be ripped of their dignity and brutally treated
the inhumanity of these heartless people
has left us all in sorrow
as senseless as their actions are, we still remain helpless.
Many days go by but still no progress
with our leaders in idle states
the once great nation of Nigeria is now diminishing
with everyone fearing for their own safety.
But though we are powerless, God is powerful
our prayers to him are all we can render
for the safe return of the Chibok girls
and the downfall of these hell-sent destroyers.